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Hywel Jones Tree Services are available seven days a week, until late in the evenings, if you need non-emergency or emergency tree services in South Wales. Whether a tree has fallen on your property after a storm, or high winds have impaired your trees, our South Wales arborists deliver quick, reliable tree care. If you are concerned about the potential danger of removing a tree from your landscape, you can be confident that we take the highest care and utilise top methods to help decrease damage to your outdoor space.

Trees, Shrubs and Hedges demand much more work than you would think. Even though it may look like they grow correctly on their own, making them healthy and amazing looking requires plenty of work. If you appreciate the way your trees blend into your overall landscape, our crew can manage all your tree service requests.

We think that outstanding craftsmanship, complete communication, and honesty are the basis to providing extraordinary tree services. Our Abersychan tree care team takes immense pride in their work, and we welcome the chance to transform your trees. From the creativity of my tree pruning to the completed job, we manage each step with proficiency and the greatest attention to detail.

Every tree service is customised just for you. We help you stay within your price range and deliver expert guidance. Once your work is done, we give you much-needed tips to ensure your trees stay healthy and stunning for years to come. Our arborists are great at what they do, and our long list of loyal customers is a testimony to our commitment to our craft.

With our reputable and dependable tree care services, we can make your “dream trees” a reality. Whether you are looking to get tree trimming or emergency tree removal, our crew is ready to put your concerns and plans into action. As certified arborists, we can assist you in achieving your tree care dreams.

With nine years of experience in the tree care sector, our arborists have been enriching the healthiness of South Wales, trees for domestic and commercial properties for a long time. Our  tree care business is established on a history and reputation for providing first-class customer service through trustworthiness. We have a crucial goal of tree enhancement through innovative ecological technology systems.

Our great quality work is explicitly designed to meet the needs of our customers, achieving customer expectations, which encourages longevity of service and results in customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Our crew is proud of how they know how to preserve trees and beautify outdoor spaces of South Wales area homes and businesses.

We have been in the industry for several years, and we understand that an effective tree service project begins with you. The tree care project we develop are based on your individual tree care needs, as well as the specific features of each property. Our goal is to create a genuine outline for your personalised tree maintenance services, creating a cohesive and marvellous setting for your trees, outdoor area, and rhythm of life. If you desire tree service that bring attractiveness and functionality to your outdoor space, come to Hywel Jones Tree Services.

Latest News

Tree Services South Wales

Clearing farm land to enable vehicle access

We removed a number of trees on this site, this was done to enable the contractor to widen the track for vehicle and trailer access, the oak was sold for milling and all other timber was processed for firewood.

Removing Hedges

Today we removed a section of this hedge for a new fence to be erected and cut the remainder of the hedge to a more manageable size for the customer to maintain themselves in the future

Hywel Jones Tree Services

Firewood for Sale, Abersychan

Firewood, been split 6 months, ideal burning for this winter. £40 per builders bag free delivery between Blaenavon and Pontypool.